Our prime focus is one-on-one training programme tailored to individual needs to enhance cardiovascular and metabolic fitness for fat reduction and building muscle mass that is also suitable for those exercise infrequently. This includes:

*Customise your personal training plan
*Olympic lifting and gymnastics movement and technique
*Multi-functional training
*Fitness therapy
​* Weight management and nutrition advice
*Mobility and stretching 
*Kids and elderly fitness
*Private yoga
*Muay thai and boxing


This is a 2-hour private training course for 1 to 1 persons. Suitable for those who are interested in Personal Training or WOD Group Class and wish to learn about basics and foundational movements. This includes: 

*Body & posture assessment
*Muscle & cardiovascular fitness test
*Weight lifting and gymnastic movements instruction
*Personal WOD
*Flexibility improvement
*Sport Nutrition advices

WOD (Workout of the day) 透過不同的體操、舉重、有氧運動去編制出高強度、多變化的功能性混合訓練,令學員可以全面而又平衡去發展出強健的體魄,改善體質及增強運動表現。此為約一小時的訓練班,3人或以上可任選時間自行組班。有興趣可透過電郵或電話預約。

WOD (Workout of the day) Through a variety of gymnastics (body weight exercises), weightlifting, and aerobic exercise to develop a varied high-intensity and multi-functional training, students can develop a strong body, improve physical fitness and enhance sport performance. This is an hour-long group class. Private classes can be arranged for group of 3 or more. Please contact us via email or call to reserve in advance.


This is a 1-hour group class.Private classes can be arranged for group of 3 or more. ​Places are limited, please contact us via email or call to reserve in advance.

Yoga of the day  :
Mon: Gentle flow (Suitable for all levels)
Focus of the class: Body movement and breath. Detail body alignments will be taught while strength and stamina will be built through short hold of poses. Some breathing exercise (pranayama), chanting and meditation may be included.
Wed: Core & inversion (Suitable for people who want some challenges and not afraid of upside-down)
Focus of the class: Building up body strength with strong core and midline stability exercises. Full inversions practice where skills for headstand, forearm balance, shoulderstand, handstand and their variations, will be introduced.
Fri: Yin/yang & meditation
Start with dynamic flow to activate different muscle groups of the body, and follow with deep and long passive hold on each pose to stretch those connective tissues and joints. Class will close with 15mins meditation on flexibility of mind. Yoga bowl may be used.
​此課程適合5至12歲小朋友參加,每節課程均分為技術訓練、體能訓練及遊戲三部份。小朋友於課堂當中將學習到透過自身體重訓練去鍛鍊他們的心肺功能、協調性及平衡力,課程亦會加入輕重量訓練讓小朋友學習應付對外物的控制能力及肌肉力量,打好各項運動所需之基礎。KIDS FIT 課程希望透過訓練及遊戲啟發小朋友堅毅的意志力及體育精神,從小培養對運動的樂趣及熱誠。此為約30-40分鐘的訓練班。3人或以上可任選時間自行組班,有興趣可透過電郵或電話預約。

KIDS FIT is tailored for kids aged 5 to 12.  Each session includes 3 parts: skill training, workout and game.  In each session, kids will learn about some bodyweight training drills to forge their cardiovascular endurance, coordination and ability of balance; light-weighted lifting training will be mixed in to increase their capability and muscle strength on object control.  This is a 30-40 mins group class. Private classes can be arranged for group of 3 or more. ​Please contact us via email or call to reserve in advance.


Please contact us via email or call to reserve in advance.


Our box is specially designed for effective multi functional training . This cozy environment is the best placed for rented , especially for any coaches and fitness trainers .Contact us via email or call to reserve in advance.