本會着重於一對一私人教練課程,為客人提供高質素及針對性的個人訓練計劃,以增強心肺功能及新陳代謝,增加肌肉、減少脂肪,同時適合未接觸過  CrossFit 和不經常參與運動的客人。內容包括:

  • 制定個人健身訓練計劃
  • CrossFit 動作技巧指導
  • 奧運舉重
  • 體操及自身體重運動
  • 多功能性鍛練
  • TRX
  • 泰拳及拳擊
  • 體重管理及營養建議
  • 運動按摩和治療性伸展
  • 兒童及長者體能培養
  • 普拉提
Our prime focus is one-on-one training programme tailored to individual needs to enhance cardiovascular and metabolic fitness for fat reduction and building muscle mass that is also suitable for those new to CrossFit and exercise infrequently. This includes:

  • Customise your personal training plan
  • CrossFit movement and technique
  • Olympic lifting
  • Gymnastics and body weight exercise
  • Multi-functional training
  • TRX
  • Muay thai and boxing
  • Weight management and nutrition advice
  • Mobility and stretching 
  • Kids and elderly fitness
  • Pilates
此課程為一小時三十分鐘一對一私人教學課程,亦可二人同時參與。適合一些有興趣去嘗試及了解 CrossFit Personal Training 的人士  , 以及為準備參與 CrossFit Group Class 的人士提供基本知識和動作指導  ,  有興趣可透過電郵或電話預約。

This is a 90-minute private training course for 1 to 2 persons. Suitable for those who are interested in Crossfit Personal Training or Group Class who wish learn about CrossFit basics and foundational movements. Contact us via email or call to reserve in advance.

​​此為約一小時的訓練班,每班只限約  5-6人,以​提高訓練質素及安全性。四人或以上可任選時間自行組班。有興趣可透過電郵或電話預約。
Group class 時間表 :
逢星期一, 三 19:30,  星期五 19:00,  星期六和日 10:00
​新會員優惠 $280/堂
This is a 1-hour group class, limited to 5-6 athletes per class for quality and safety. Private classes can be arranged for groups of 4 or more. ​Places are limited, please contact us via email or call to reserve in advance.
​Group class schedule  : 
Mon and Wed 19:30 , Fri 19:00 , Sat and Sun 10:00
​New joiner offer $280 per session